Two Chekhovs


The Dangers of Tobacco & The Proposal

Directed by Javen Tanner

A Sting & Honey Fundraiser

September 28th, 2013, One Night Only


     The Dangers of Tobacco

Iván Ivánovich Nyúkhin:   Cameron Deaver

     The Proposal

Stepán Stepánich Chubukóv:   Stephen Williams

Natália Stepánovna:   Tamari Dunbar

Iván Vassílievich Lómov:   Roger Dunbar

Two Chekhovs was a one night only fundraiser, so no critics were invited to review the shows. The evening included a silent auction, a raffle, and refreshments after the shows. Thanks to all who came and supported the event.

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(Production Photos by Samantha Kofford Photography)