This Bird of Dawning

This Bird of Dawning Singeth All Night Long

The Nativity Story told through Poetry and Mask

Performed Annually

This Year: December 19th & 20th

Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, Salt Lake City


This Bird


*I often felt like the compositions created were those of a master painter and that I was watching a living painting–which may have some truth to it. If it isn’t clear already, you should know that I really enjoyed this show, and wholeheartedly recommend that you go see it. –Alex Ungerman, Utah Theater Bloggers Association

*Utterly singular. –Scott Renshaw, City Weekly

*It’s a stunningly beautiful, deeply moving, and utterly unique production, boldly setting itself apart from the many holiday-themed productions going on in Utah even as it retells the oldest Christmas story of all, and This Bird of Dawning resonates powerfully with reverent familiarity even as it fills its ancient story with a sense of newness, discovery, wonder, and awe. –Davey Morrison, Utah Theater Bloggers Association

*This Bird was also recognized by the Utah Theater Bloggers Association for excellence in 2012:

Sting & Honey’s production of This Bird of Dawning Singeth All Night Longwas an incredible and utterly unique night of theater and a very meaningful part of my Christmas celebration this year. The sounds and images Javen Tanner and his company assembled to tell the story of the nativity were transfixing, and, like the best religious stories, it felt both familiar and stunningly, electrifyingly new. One reason I love theater is because of its ritualistic qualities—bringing people together in the same space to collectively participate in a cathartic event. More than any other production I saw this year, This Bird of Dawning reminded me of how theater can be a religious experience. –Davey Morrison, Utah Theater Bloggers Association