This Bird of Dawning

The Nativity Story told through Poetry and Mask

Created and Directed by Javen Tanner

Performed Annually (Click HERE for 2015 tickets.)

Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center



2008: Estie Pyper, Kat Christensen, Sam Eckersley, Jake Lindeman, Marissa Morton, Annie Woller, Topher Rasmussen, McKade Huntsman

2009: Estie Pyper, Kat Christensen, Zel Bromley, Austin Jensen, Courtney Scott, Meghan Bernstein, Ashley Hassell, Alex Orvis, Clark Alexander, Stephania Adondakis, Dawson Daugherty, Andre Galhardo, Isabelle Rosett, McKenzie Ross

2010: Estie Pyper, Kat Christensen, Zel Bromley, Rachel Brunner, Mitsi Kofford, Sarah Reichel, Meghan Bernstein, David Fishman, Clark Alexander, Robby Boyer, Lilly Vargyas, Madi Slack, Ashley Hassell, Kristin Carroll, Topher Rasmussen, Austin Jensen, Isabelle Rosett, Danny Egan, Lorna Balfour, McKenzie Ross, Dominique Simon, Sadie Stockham, Alex Wilkins, Aimee Young, Alex Orvis, Zephanie Huang

2011: Estie Pyper, Kat Christensen, Zel Bromley, Rachel Brunner, Mitsi Kofford, David Fishman, Robby Boyer, Clark Alexander, River Tanner, Kristin Carroll, Jacob Fishman, Ashley Hassell, Sarah Reichel, Kathy Reynolds, Madi Slack, Lilly Vargyas

2012: Isabelle Rosett, Mitsi Kofford, River Tanner, David Fishman, Robby Boyer, Ashley Hassell, Jacob Fishman, Madi Slack, Kristin Carroll, Sammy Macfarlane, Katina Tatum, Kathy Reynolds, Kylee Reynolds, Taylor Tewell, Kelly Reynolds, Merodean Huntsman, Abbie St. Vaughan

2013: Taylor Tewell, Mitsi Kofford, River Tanner, David Fishman, Robby Boyer, Merodean Huntsman, Ethan Hassell, Kylee Reynolds, Kathy Reynolds, Kelly Reynolds, Bryant Smaellie, Abbie St. Vaughan, Katina Tatum, Riya Sahasrabudhe, Madeleine Sorenson

2014: Merodean Huntsman, River Tanner, Kathy Reynolds, Riya Sahasrabudhe, Mitsi Kofford, Ethan Hassell, Bryant Smaellie, Taylor Tewell, Kylee Reynolds, Brie Morrill, Kelly Reynolds, Rachel LaForge, Siobhan Davis, Madeleine Sorenson, Nathan Sullivan, Savannah Harman, River Knight (Stage Manager)

2015: Merodean Huntsman, Danny Egan, Ethan Hassell, Kylee Reynolds, Taylor Tewell, Siobhan Davis, Ben Mortenson, Rain Tanner, Bella Thornton, Liberty Miller, River Knight, Brytan Todd, Jessica Orvis, Miranda Kofford, Savannah Harman, Riya Sahasrabudhe (Stage Manager)


*I often felt like the compositions created were those of a master painter and that I was watching a living painting–which may have some truth to it. If it isn’t clear already, you should know that I really enjoyed this show, and wholeheartedly recommend that you go see it. –Alex Ungerman, Utah Theater Bloggers Association

*it is almost impossible to describe its impact. –Barbara M. Bannon, Salt Lake Tribune

*Utterly singular. –Scott Renshaw, City Weekly

*It’s a stunningly beautiful, deeply moving, and utterly unique production, boldly setting itself apart from the many holiday-themed productions going on in Utah even as it retells the oldest Christmas story of all, and This Bird of Dawning resonates powerfully with reverent familiarity even as it fills its ancient story with a sense of newness, discovery, wonder, and awe. –Davey Morrison, Utah Theater Bloggers Association

*This Bird was also recognized by the Utah Theater Bloggers Association for excellence in 2012:

Sting & Honey’s production of This Bird of Dawning Singeth All Night Longwas an incredible and utterly unique night of theater and a very meaningful part of my Christmas celebration this year. The sounds and images Javen Tanner and his company assembled to tell the story of the nativity were transfixing, and, like the best religious stories, it felt both familiar and stunningly, electrifyingly new. One reason I love theater is because of its ritualistic qualities—bringing people together in the same space to collectively participate in a cathartic event. More than any other production I saw this year, This Bird of Dawning reminded me of how theater can be a religious experience. –Davey Morrison, Utah Theater Bloggers Association


This beautiful telling of the Christmas Story has become a Salt Lake City favorite. Join us for an evening of astonishing imagery and music, including Nativity poetry written by a variety of poets from Shakespeare to W.B. Yeats to Li-Young Lee.

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