Sting and Honey SBD Poster 2016

Aurora falls into an enchanted sleep, and dreams herself to be Brynhildr, the famous warrior goddess. But the evil witch Sycorax, still angry for not being invited to the christening, has followed her into her dream. 

A beautiful story for the whole family. (We recommend the show for most ages, but there are some highly stylized battle scenes – no blood – and a few sad moments. If your child is able to follow a story, we’re confident they will enjoy this show. We do not recommend babes in arms.)

Thursday, July 14th – Saturday, July 30th. In the Black Box Theater at The Waterford School, in Sandy.

GETTING TO THE THEATER: 9400 South 1700 East. From 9400 South, turn south at the light on 1700 East, and turn right at the brick “Waterford School” sign. Enter the gravel event parking lot. Once in the lot, veer left toward the performing arts building (The Heuston Center for the Performing Arts).

CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS. $10 for children. $15 for Adults.

Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays at 7pm. Saturday matinees at 3pm.
The play lasts about one hour and twenty minutes.


ZEL BROMLEY: Aurora, Princess of Middengard / Brynhildr, Shieldmaiden to Odin, and Valkyrie

KATHRYN ATWOOD: Nyx, Mother Night

TAMARI DUNBAR: Ananke, Keeper of Time

RAIN FLOWER TANNER: Hebe, Fountain of Youth

SUSAN BARRY: Sycorax, Breaker of Hearts

DANNY EGAN: Kephalos, The Young Prince / Siegfried, Beloved of Brynhildr

BIJAN HOSSEINI: Tithonos, The Ancient Prince / Odin, God of Asgard

LAUREN CALL: Queen of Middengard / Geirskogul, Leader of the Valkyries

SKYELER LUCERO: King of Middengard / Gunther, Enemy of Odin


KYLEE REYNOLDS: Mist, a Valkyrie

JULIANA SCHEDING: Rota, a Valkyrie

ETHAN HASSELL: Guardian of the Ring of Fire / First Soldier

ALEXEY BEALL: Second Soldier

TRENT GARNER: Third Soldier

JAVEN TANNER: Robin, a clown